Friday, July 31, 2020


So I guess the other 22% blame the bad orange man?

Pew Poll: Almost 8 In 10 Americans Put Blame On China For COVID-19
Dianne Feinstein hardest hit? It likely comes as no surprise that Americans overwhelmingly blame China for the COVID-19 pandemic, for two reasons. For one thing, it literally came from China, and China repeatedly lied about it, which allowed it to break out into the pandemic the world sees today.
And for another, hardly anyone puts the blame elsewhere. This is as close to consensus as we’ll ever see, and that consensus carries significant political consequences — for China, and for politicians and corporations here in the US:
More than three-quarters of Americans — 78 percent — place a “great deal or fair amount of the blame” on China for the virus’ spread around the world, according to the study published Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

Obviously, this comes as a complete shock to many of the liberals who frequent these comment threads. Just yesterday, the idea that China was to blame for Covid-19 was determined to be something that needed to be "fact checked" with a fake fact check in regards to whether or not it can be proven that China created it in a lab.

Whether or not China created it in a lab, or it was a mistake that allowed the virus out into the world, China is responsible. The fact that they worked with the WHO to cover it up and undermine potential responses by making ridiculous claims about how few Chinese died from the virus and how easy it was for them to put a lid on it just adds to the issue.

Either way, the public doesn't buy the fact checks or the argument that Trump is to blame for Covid. Clearly reasonable Americans see the facts as they are.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Funny how this hasn't gotten any press?

Learning More About The Guy Who Plowed Into The Blue Lives Matter Demonstration

On Tuesday we learned about Isaih Cordova, the maniac who drove his SUV across a park to plow into a group of demonstrators supporting their local police force. He’s now been released on bond but faces multiple charges when his case goes to trial. Little was known about this loser initially, but local reporters have been doing some digging into his background and found some disturbing patterns. He’s a NeverTrumper, which probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but he also has a history of demonstrating contempt for the police. In other words, he seems like a classic progressive, Antifa-wannabe.

We hear a lot about people who didn't actually ram into demonstrators. Like the eastern European immigrant tank truck driver who turned onto a highway where protesters pulled him from the truck and beat him (and then falsely suggested he was flying a confederate flag and had Nazi symbols on his commercial tanker truck).

But when someone from the left actually "does" do what others on the right are accused of doing, we simply don't hear about it. But we hear about the alleged "umbrella man" who nobody can actually identify, but it's a big story because someone claims he is a Hell's angle (or right wing agitator).

As it should be...

FDA chief: Hydroxychloroquine use a decision between doctor and patient
Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), on Thursday declined to take a definitive stance on whether people should take hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus, instead saying that decision should be made between a doctor and a patient.

“A doctor and a patient need to assess the data that’s out there, FDA does not regulate the practice of medicine, and that in the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship is where that decision should be made.”

Regardless of how the media has portrait this, or how Twitter and other social media platforms are misinforming people regarding hydroxychloroquine, the drug is not considered so dangerous that it has been banned from use by the FDA. At least not according to the FDA or their commissioner.

Ironically the idea that what happens between a doctor and a patient being an issue of privacy is the entire "legal" concept that the courts used to make a ban of abortion unconstitutional.

Certainly if it is unconstitutional for the government to get involved in that sort of doctor patient relationship, it would be equally unconstitutional for the government to say that hydroxychloroquine cannot be used when both a doctor and a patient believe it's a good idea. As long as the patient understands the risks involved (which are minor with hydroxychloroquine) they should be able to make that decision.

The drug was used during the previous Covid outbreak, it's been used here in the United States during the Covid-19 outbreak, and it's been used across the globe to a differing degree of success. We can argue ad nauseum about how effective it is, but the point is fairly moot considering how many medical procedures do not guarantee results. I am not quite sure why liberals in 2020 suddenly don't feel that the doctor patient relationship holds the same meaning as it always did in the past or why they feel the need to become downright angry and belligerent about this particular subject.

So is it Trump's fault that infections are rising twice as quickly as the US in other parts of the world?

Coronavirus Makes A Comeback Around The World
“We now have got an epicenter developing within Japan. Unless we stop it with a full force as a nation, I worry that we might go the same way as New York or Milan,” said Tatsuhiko Kodama, a professor at the University of Tokyo who is leading a research project on the virus.
In Australia and some other places such as Hong Kong and Israel, all of which had appeared to defeat the virus, infections are growing twice as quickly as in the United States, or even faster, suggesting there is no end in sight to the virus’s spread. A million new infections are being reported every four days worldwide, pushing the total well past 16 million cases…

So basically the so called "second wave" is hitting much of the world, not just a handful of states in the United States. Some experts are seeing trends that suggests that these increases may eventually hit other parts of the U.S. regardless of what we attempt to do.

What once was just Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Arizona, has now started moving west and up the east coast. California is now a hot spot (if not the hot spot) and Oregon and Washington have closed back down, Georgia, Alabama, South and North Carolina are seeing an increase in cases, and Virginia is seeing new cases at a pace that runs about equal to their previous peak in May.

Maryland is approaching May numbers and even Pennsylvania is starting to see a rise in their cases. If this trend continues northward, then New Jersey and New York may find themselves with an increase in cases as well. Certainly the last thing that anyone (especially the liberal press) would like to see is for New York to get caught up in another Covid wave. How would it look if New York really didn't "do it right" and start adding to their 33,000 deaths.

But the bottom line is that it would appear that none of this is U.S. specific and that many countries (including many European countries thought to have had everything under control) are seeing a steep increase in cases, which will likely eventually lead to a increase in deaths (albeit not where we were at the peak).

Shut down. hole up. Wear masks. Social distance. Regardless of what people are doing, it appears that the Covid virus is doing it's thing... as viruses tend to do. We may need to either get to herd immunity or perfect the vaccine before we get any of this completely under control. In the meantime, we all may need to admit and adapt to the fact that Covid will be sticking around for a while...

and that it's not because of Trump saying it would go away or because there is disagreement about hydroxychloroquine or because some people didn't wear masks. It's not that simple.

GDP better than expected for second quarter

Second-quarter GDP plunged by worst-ever 32.9% amid virus-induced shutdown
The U.S. economy saw the biggest plunge in activity it has ever known in the second quarter, though it wasn’t quite as bad as feared. Gross domestic product from April to June plunged 32.9%, according to the Commerce Department’s first reading on the data released Thursday. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for a drop of 34.7%.
Not that being better than expected is much of a good thing, but the reality is that it is now behind us, we weathered that storm, and will likely have a much better third and fourth quarters. We will see if we have the sort of "V" recovery that some are hoping for... but I rather expect that it will take a little more time than our best hopes might deem. 

That being said, there is another stimulus around the corner. Some are suggesting that McConnell has been delaying it in order to time the affects of the stimulus to have more impact on the November elections. The better the economy is doing, the better the chances that Trump and McConnell will remain in their same jobs in 2021. 

I certainly wouldn't put it past McConnell that he would play politics with the stimulus. After all, the Democrats have been playing politics with everything else. Democrats are attempting to lay the blame for Covid, Rioting, and pretty much everything else on Trump. I am sure they will attempt to use the 2nd quarter numbers against him as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

This is priceless!!

My favorite is Madeleine Dean who suggests that she's waited a long time for him to come... so would he please shut up so she can have her time?

If your goal was to simply give a bunch of five minute political speeches, then why did you need William Barr even in attendance?

This is the point we have gotten to?

Literally arguing that it's perfectly acceptable for a mob to burn down Federal property and unacceptable for anyone to try to stop it? 

This is one of those arguments that if you had asked someone four years ago whether it would ever be acceptable for mobs of rioters to attack Federal buildings and attempt to destroy Federal property, you would have literally found no takers what-so-ever. Nobody in their right mind would have suggested that destruction of public property was an acceptable manner to protest or that it would be akin to fascism for Federal Marshals and other Federal law enforcement to protect these buildings.

 But of course... that was four years ago, and collectively the left has lost their marbles over the fact that the "bad orange man" is President. Now pretty much everything that would have been considered normal (such as protecting Federal courthouses from rioters) is now fascism or worse.

Previously, the left called Tea Party rallies (which were 100% peaceful) to be the fascism. They demanded that some of those people who brought guns should be arrested (even though it was not illegal). They demanded someone do something to stop these fascist rallies.

Funny how fascism was at one time the angry citizens protesting their cause... but now the fascism is any attempt to break up angrier citizens engaged in out and out rioting.

Well one thing never changes....

Hypocrisy is the bedrock of liberalism.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Statement of the day...

Too Cool for School 
In Europe, 22 countries have allowed students to return to the classroom without any spike in Covid. Did you know that? If the answer is no, then you have once again been victimized by a dishonest American press which ignores facts that go against the anti-Trump narrative.

Sure... why are we "not" hearing about schools being open in other areas of the world and how these reopening of the schools has not led to an increase in Covid cases in either children or teachers? Certainly there are plenty of states here in the U.S. that have had much better success against Covid than plenty of these 22 countries. But still people fight it here. Many simply believe the rhetoric while not understanding the facts.

The underlying deception as it pertains to this virus has been fundamentally dangerous and scary. Dangerous, because of how much we rely on the power of the press to build a narrative and scary because too few Americans are capable or willing to fact check anything on their own anymore.

For deaths of children under the age of 14.... we just broke 30. There are now 31 reported deaths of children 14 and younger according to the CDC statistics from death certificates. We have an additional 122 for those between 15-24 (high school and college). We generally have at least a hundred children die from the flu every year, but we don't shut down the schools. Moreover, if grocers, retailers, and food service people can safely work, then why can't teachers and school staff?

This is about two things. Stoking fear and disagreeing with the President. Trump thinks we should open schools. Liberals will march lock step against it, even as their cooler brothers and sisters of Europe are doing exactly what Trump says we should do here.

It's really that simple. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Wondering how the left will blame Trump for this?

France, Spain, Germany Suddenly Facing New Coronavirus Surge
Countries across the world are mulling second lockdowns as they see local resurgences of the coronavirus after easing out from social distancing restrictions, disappointing news for the residents of those countries and for the national economies.
In France, health officials said Friday that a recent rise in new coronavirus cases in the country has “erased” much of the headway made since the country crept out from their lockdown, The Telegraph reported.
Spain is also concerned about a potential second wave as new, localized clusters appear to spring up just a month after their lockdown ended, with cities like Barcelona experiencing spikes as its larger region, Catalonia, announced it would shutter nightclubs for two weeks to try and get a grasp of the spread.
Germany’s “second coronavirus wave is already here,” Michael Kretschmer, Saxony’s Minister President, was quoted as saying in the Rheinische Post Saturday per a Deutsche Welle translation.

Since pretty much everyone on the left and in the media blames Trump for Covid-19 in the United States (without ever offering any factual reasoning behind the claim)... it will be interesting as to how they go about blaming Trump for what is happening in Europe?

Perhaps it's just his undeniable influence over all world events has provided the Covid-19 virus with enough cover to get past the much better defenses and better leadership of our European counterparts (who many have recently now banned travel from the US because of Covid).

Either way, the reality seems to be that Trump is to blame for anything Covid related in spite of not setting any policies, being an epidemiologists, or actually having anything to do with it.

We can all determined for ourselves why this is?

NHL announces no positive coronavirus tests over last week
The NHL announced Monday that it has not received any positive coronavirus tests over the past week. The league administered 4,256 tests to more than 800 players during that span.
It's a positive sign as the NHL enters Phase 4 in its return-to-play plan. The 24 teams participating in this summer's tournament traveled to their hub cities (Toronto for the Eastern Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, for the Western Conference) on Sunday. Each team gets one exhibition game this week before meaningful games begin Saturday, Aug. 1.

Granted, the NHL is really the only professional sports league that is really international and culturally diverse. By culturally diverse I actually mean that the league is made up of people from lots of different countries, areas of the world, and cultures... not that the majority are black (as what most Americans see as the only means for cultural diversely).

Now many of these places (Canada, Scandinavia, Eastern European bloc nations) are not experiencing the same amount of cases as the United States. Furthermore, hockey isn't really much of a thing in the high density urban areas most afflicted by this disease.

Right now major league baseball is cancelling games and may well end up cancelling the season. Who knows if the NFL or NBA will ever get off the ground in 2020. But at the very least, it would appear that the NHL might have a season of some sort.

An interesting statistic

Monday, July 27, 2020

More peaceful protests in Seattle!

they peacefully set fires to a Starbucks, a construction site, among other things...

If it is the Republicans who are to blame... why are liberals the ones protesting?

So basically, liberals are like children and are not responsible for their own actions?

Democratic Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas appeared on Fox News Sunday and blamed the federal government, the president's rhetoric and the Republican Party for fomenting and exacerbating violent upheaval in several major American cities.

I am exasperated and confused by these sorts of logical pretzels. Are people simply no longer responsible for their own actions because they are upset with "rhetoric" or the Republican Party in general? It's not as if the targets of this anger and destruction is aimed at the President or a political Party. It's mostly just looting and destruction of local property that has nothing to do with anything these people are supposedly mad at.

Do we teach our children that if someone says something that they do not like or agree with, that the appropriate response is to destroy something, hurt someone, or otherwise throw some sort of tantrum?

Obviously that's not the way I was brought up and it's now how I brought up my kids.

But the question obviously remains... is this how the new generation of children (now old enough to put on a black mask and riot) was brought up? Does the Mayor of Kansas City actually believe that we can deflect blame for our own actions on the fact that we are upset?

If we walked into a classroom and saw a bunch of gradeschoolers throwing tantrums, ripping up books, setting toys on fire, and throwing things at the teacher... would we somehow try to blame someone other than the children or the teacher who cannot control the class room?

Sorry folks... but the grade school tantrum is really the only fitting analogy here.

That says something...

A protest is either peaceful or it's not...

Does anyone really believe that burning a courthouse and attacking police officers is peaceful?

Oh wait... we have liberals here. Of course some of you believe that if the media chooses to "describe" something as peaceful, that of course then it must actually be peaceful. After all, the media is always honest and truthful.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

56% of Americans believe our country is racist...

However, Republicans and Independents disagree as Democrats pull up the average by remaining in near "lockstep" with each other!

Breakdown of the states that never really shut down...

State Cases  Per Million Deaths Per Million Rank*
Wyoming 2475 4276 25 43 3
North Dakota 5876 7711 99 130 13
Arkansas 37981 12586 399 132 14
South Dakota 8305 9388 122 138 15
Nebraska 24395 12611 316 163 19
Iowa 42165 13364 493 262 27
Total USA 4341565 13116 149602 452 -

Wyoming actually leads the 48 state mainland area, as Hawaii and Alaska are number one and number two in terms of their collective deaths per million ranking. This is not unusual considering their isolation from the rest of the country and fairly sparse population. 

But as you can see, every state is well below the national average in terms of deaths per million and only one state (Iowa) is ahead of the curve for cases per million. Since most of these states have remained mostly open, there is no logical reason to blame any recent increases on "reopening" too soon. That questionable conventional wisdom explanation simply doesn't apply here. 

As it stands, some of the states (Iowa, North Dakota) have actually seen an uptick in cases (albeit smaller than most states) while others (Nebraska, South Dakota) has not seen any real uptick in cases. It would seem that the decision to keep things more normalized throughout the ordeal has mitigated the so called second wave of cases that other states have seen.

On the flip side, Montana (nestled in by the Dakotas and Wyoming) does have a Democratic Governor and did, in fact, enact a hard shut down like most every other state. Contrary to their neighbors, Montana has seen a major increase in new cases (new cases have tripled since July 1st) and about half their deaths have come just in the last 15 days or so. They, unfortunately, have not escaped the so called second wave.

Lastly...  there has not been protesting, mass gatherings, and other large crowds in these states. While conventional liberal wisdom is that the virus is immune from BLM and social justice protests, there is no "actual" wisdom that corresponds to such a ludicrous claim. There is, however, much logical reason to suspect that what these states did (considering their own demographic situations) was the correct responses for for them.

Irony at it's finest...

BLM Member Shot to Death, Apparently When ‘Protesters’ Surround Car
BLM protesters were marching there when it appeared they surround a car. This video captures the moment where you can hear the shooting although what is happening is unclear. Several shots are audible and then everyone scatters.

A BLM person allegedly approached the car with a rifle. The person in car allegedly then fired at him, shooting him and killing him. The driver is cooperating with police, according to the press briefing.
The BLM person shot was reportedly Garrett Foster. Foster had previously been interviewed with his AK-47 in hand, saying that he didn’t think that the people who hated them would do anything because they were “too big p*ssies” to do anything about it.

There were also riots declared in Seattle and Portland. Keep in mind that these are mostly younger twenty something liberal white people who are causing the vast majority of the problems. While you do see some actual black people at these BLM protests, they do not appear to be the main drivers of the violence.

This kid was a perfect example of a misguided liberal who apparently believes that the first amendment allows them to burn down buildings, destroy property, and loot as an expression of their constitutional rights.

We see it here in the comment section, where our liberal friends refuse to acknowledge that there is a difference between a protest (where people don't plan on burning anything down or engaging in any violent activities) and a riot... where violence and destruction is both the intention and the end result.

There is a difference. Peaceful protests are just that. Peaceful. Those are always protected by the constitution. Any sort of gathering that results in violence, the destruction of property, or the breaking of any laws is by definition ILLEGAL and never ever constitutionally protected.

A very simple concept that some people just have a tough time accepting.

Sunday Funnies!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Seattle update!

Seattle PD Currently Under Consent Decree in Federal Court — Cannot Change Policy on Use of Force
Earlier on Friday afternoon, the Department of Justice sought a Temporary Restraining Order against the City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department to block the implementation of a newly passed Ordinance by the Seattle City Council that would have prohibited the Seattle Police Department from using “flash-bang” devices, pepper spray, tear gas, and other non-lethal crowd-control tactics against crowds of protesters.
As it turns out, back in 2011 the Seattle Police Department and City of Seattle were sued by the Obama Justice Department over the issue of unlawful use of force, and inadequate training of Seattle PD Officers on the use of force. Rather than fight the suit, Seattle entered into what is called a “Consent Decree” to end the litigation.
One provision of the agreement prohibited the City of Seattle or the Seattle Police Department from modifying its agreed-upon use of force policy without the approval of DOJ and the Monitor appointed by the Court to ensure compliance by the defendants with the terms of the consent decree.
But this morning United States Attorney Bill Barr reminded Seattle that it has at least one more interested party to satisfy with regard to justifying its change in policy. Late tonight (Friday evening) Judge Robart agreed with DOJ, and prohibited enforcement of the same policy he insisted go into effect just a few days ago.

So apparently it turns out that the City of Seattle cannot prevent the Seattle police from using tear gas, pepper spray, or make any of these sorts of changes... unless they get permission from the DOJ and the court appointed monitor. Quite obviously, they didn't have the permission of William Barr's Department of Justice to make such a move, which means the new ordinances are null and void.

What does this mean other than the children running the city of Seattle are morons? Well it means that there might be quite a few protesters heading downtown Seattle thinking that the police cannot use tear gas, pepper spray, or other means of crowd control. Won't they be surprised (and likely very upset) if such an event takes place.

Liberals love criminals! But most everyone else thinks crime is bad...

Most Favor Use of Federal Cops To Fight Crime in Some Cities
Most voters approve of President Trump’s decision to use federal agents to fight the growing violent crime in some major cities. They also believe many of these cities bring the criminal problems onto themselves.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 55% of Likely U.S. Voters think federal law enforcement officials should be used to fight the growing level of violent crime in several major cities since the cities appear unable or unwilling to handle the problem themselves. Thirty-six percent (36%) oppose this federal anti-crime help.

The reality is that liberals have collectively lost their minds, and the only real reason that they believe that they haven't is the fact that most of the mainstream media whom they rely on for their opinions are also liberals who have lost their minds.

If I had told you four years ago that there would be major rioting across American cities and that there would be support for local politicians who choose to back the rioters and criminals over citizens and law enforcement... you would have told me I was nuts. 

But here we are. Innocent business owners seeing their life long work burned down. Tough luck. Innocent citizens being injured or even killed in senseless rioting. Just collateral damage. Hundreds of millions of dollars in damaging. Just an inconvenience for the privileged.

Let's allow these protests, chastise local law enforcement for attempting to stop it, pass laws that take away all of the necessary tools for local law enforcement to prevent it, and then get upset when the Federal Government steps in and prevents the carnage from actually reaching Federal buildings and Federal employees.

You simply cannot fix stupid.

Bottom line: the police will not come if called on to disperse a crowd anymore.

Seattle Chief of Police warns business and residents that her hands are tied

The key statement here is that the Chief of Police correctly will not ask her officers to go into a crowd control situation undermanned and outnumbered without proper crowd control tools that have been used by crow control law enforcement across the globe for decades. 

There is nothing in the constitution, or nothing logically that allows for a group of rioters to be provided with a "fair fight" against the Police. The Police BY DESIGN are provided with tools that makes sure that such a confrontation is NEVER a fair fight. The Police always should be provided with the tools that allow for a small group of law enforcement to control a much larger group, when that larger group threatens the safety of the citizens or threatens the sanctity of private or public property.

By taking away the tools (such as pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, etc) it becomes almost impossible for the police to control a crowd. There is nothing to suggest that police officers (or any small group that is not a fictional group of superheros or ninjas) have the capabilities and training to otherwise detain a much larger group of people through simple hand to hand combat. The suggestion that they try is simply an invitation for police officers to be assaulted, injured, or even killed.

Without the tools necessary, and without the protections garnered Police from personal liability for the injuries of criminals... there is literally no good reason for the Police to respond to any calls to break up any riot or any large group of protesters.

Some early Saturday Fauci Funnies!!

Friday, July 24, 2020

It's now a lie to say that the FBI didn't spy on Trump...

Newly declassified memos prove FBI spied on Trump during intel briefings
The new memos released Thursday by Director of National intelligence John Ratcliffe detail the FBI's conduct during a mid-August 2016 counterintelligence briefing, Trump's first as the GOP nominee, in which an agent was secretly inserted to gather evidence of later-disproven Russia collusion.
The extraordinary notes confirm information first divulged last December by the Justice Department inspector general that the Comey FBI used the August 2016 briefing as a way of sizing up then-candidate Trump and Flynn in the Russia case and gathering evidence against them.

Let's be clear... when you add this together with other new documents that prove the FBI never actually believed Trump was conspiring with the Russians, it's hard to justify any of these actions (whether they be FISA warrants, or adding a live operative to snoop around).

In every case they claim that they were following up on the Trump Russia conspiracy, you can simply replace that pretense with whatever other pretense you might like to use. You can no longer suggest it was about a legitimate Trump Russia investigation. Either way... at end of the day, it's still the FBI using nearly every resource available to them to spy on Trump and his staff with pretty much zero actual reason to do so.

I find it ironic that the same people who believe this sort of federal intervention was completely acceptable are currently upset that Federal agents are protecting Federal buildings from being burned down and looted.

You can't fix stupid!

Two down, six to go!

Nick Sandmann Settles His Lawsuit With The Washington Post

Sandmann had filed suite against eight different media outlets. Now that the Post has settled, there are six lawsuits left (CNN had previously settled). This is a shot across the bow that the media needs to stop printing what they "want" to print, and rather print what is actually factual and true.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Bought a new router at the Tukwila Best Buy

There were literally still doors and such boarded up. Only one door worked so it was both the entrance and exit (of course you had to stand in line because of social distancing). The entire store (and many others in the same area) had been looted during the riots!

Speaking of which, there were more riots last night around Capital Hill. One of the places they targeted was a business owned by the wife of a police officer. The store was looted and then set on fire. Since when did the concept of marrying a member law enforcement qualify you to be put on a hit list?

Seattle  leadership has failed Seattle. They appear to be competing with Portland and Minneapolis for the most incompetent local government!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Don't pay attention for a few days and the world blows up?

Social distance strip clubs?
The San Antonio Men’s Club set up a drive-thru club in the parking lot where dancers performed on stages and customers never left their cars.
Albert Cortez, the Men’s Club manager, told KENS5: “Entertainment is entertainment for different people. People do different things and I think we put on a good show.
“The DJ would play two songs and the girls would dance on the stages. Guys were able to throw out some money. We had some buckets out there they can put some ones in, while you sit in your car social distancing.”
Nearly 200 officers have applied to leave Minneapolis police force
Nearly 200 officers have filed paperwork to leave the force because of what they claim is post-traumatic stress, said Ronald F. Meuser Jr., a lawyer representing the officers, according to a report by the New York Times on Tuesday. Around 20% of a department of around 850 people could soon be gone.
Rather wash away BLM mural than allows a MAGA mural
On Thursday, the city washed the sign away after being contacted by local real estate attorney Maria Rutenburg, who said that if the street was now a public forum, she wanted a sign of her own reading “MAGA 2020.”
Minnesota: We Should Give Unemployment Benefits To High School Students

Enough said!