Sunday, October 31, 2021

This is sad... really sad....

Another nugget from our favorite liberal pundit (oh my)

Biden’s Approval Sinks to New Low

A new NBC News poll finds 42% of adults say they approve of Biden’s overall job as president — a decline of 7 points since August, with much of the attrition coming from key parts of the Democratic base.

What’s more, the survey finds that 7 in 10 adults, including almost half of Democrats, believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction, as well as nearly 60 percent who view Biden’s stewardship of the economy negatively just nine months into his presidency.

People don't want these bills to pass....

Biden, Democrats failing to sell agenda to American people: POLL
The ABC News/Ipsos poll, which was conducted using Ipsos' KnowledgePanel, found that a plurality (32%) of Americans think the bills would hurt people like them if they became law, while fewer (25%) think it would help them. Nearly 2 in 10 (18%) think the bills would make no difference, and 24% said they didn't know. Even among Democrats alone, fewer than half (47%) think the two bills would help people like them. A quarter of Democrats think the bills would make no difference for people like them and about 2 in 10 (22%) don't know how they would impact their lives. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Republicans think the bills would hurt people like them, and so do about 3 in 10 (29%) independents.
The American public is evenly divided -- 34% to 34% -- over whether they believe these bills would help or hurt the U.S. economy if they become law. Very few (6%) think the bills would have no effect on the economy, and a quarter don't know. Democrats are much more likely to think the legislation would help the economy if enacted than Republicans and independents, 68% compared with 7% and 29%, respectively. Biden's inability to get these bills over the finish line has not helped the president's mediocre approval ratings on an array of issues, which have solidified since the Sept. 24-28 ABC News/Ipsos poll.

So this is just proof positive that Democrats are clueless. It's not as if they are just trying to pass some average everyday law. They are looking to pass what they claim to be a fundamental change to society. A fundamental change that they have no mandate for and actually face public resistance to. 

Ironically, they believe that passing two bills that together are more than three times the largest pre-covid bill ever passed will actually help them politically.  They believe that passing two bills that together will be about six times larger than the entire new deal is justified based on the 50-50 Senate makeup, a three seat advantage in the house, and a President with approvals in the low 40s. 

Democrats seem to think that Slow Joe Biden, a man in obvious cognitive decline, with dipping approvals, and with almost zero support from Republicans is the man who deserves to be the next FDR, only without any real New Deal plan that makes sense. At this point their plan is to set an amount first and then decide what hodgepodge of free giveaways that we cannot pay for will be included. 

Unlike the new deal or any other plan of substance, there literally is no cognitive plan in place. Build back better cannot be explained in any manner that would tangibly lay out any actual strategy. What you hear are random talking points and rhetoric. 

After all... hard to explain and sell a bill when you do not actually know what is in it. Even harder to come up with an explanation of what a bill stands for, when you don't know what is in it.

These people are just stupid, stupid, stupid and desperate, desperate, desperate.


Liberal policies shut down 26 firehouses in New York

26 FDNY firehouses out of service over vaccine mandate staff shortage
The FDNY shuttered 26 fire companies citywide on Saturday due to staff shortages caused by the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, according to furious elected officials, who ripped the move as “unconscionable” — and warned it could have catastrophic consequences. The shutdown came amid a pitched battle between City Hall, which on Monday will start enforcing a mandate that all city workers have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and jab-resisting firefighters, many reportedly saying they were already sick with the coronavirus and therefore have “natural immunity.”
Nicole Malliotakis (R-SI, Brooklyn) said 26 companies shuttered — five in her district — and laid the blame on Mayor de Blasio. “If someone dies due to a slower emergency response, it’s on Bill de Blasio and his overreaching mandates. I hope this fool fixes it ASAP!” she tweeted. Some residents rallied outside of the Ladder Company 149 in Dyker Heights to support the firefighters.
Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said the department “has not closed any firehouses. “Irresponsible bogus sick leave by some of our members is creating a danger for New Yorkers and their fellow Firefighters,” Nigro said. “They need to return to work or risk the consequences of their actions.” 
This is one of those situation of semantics. There are 26 fire companies what are "shuttered" which probably means that they are closed (at least temporarily). The fire chief (who would be ultimately responsible for pushing the vaccine mandate) is pushing back saying that they are not "closed'. If you come to the middle on this, they are simply unable to open 26 fire houses because of lack of personnel. 

The firefighters are blaming the vaccine mandate. The chief is blaming the fire fighters. But more and more and more we have people pushing back against this. We have economic problems, we have supply chain problems, we have staffing problems, and we have problems regarding these problems. All of this is a direct result of policy being put in place by liberal politicians across the country. 

Sunday Funnies

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Oh my!

 Independents Flocking to Glenn Youngkin

Politico: “In a polarized environment, Youngkin has staked his claim to the middle of the electorate: voters who don’t identify with either party. In three surveys released this week, Youngkin had 7- , 22- and 18-point leads among independents.”

“Virginia doesn’t have partisan voter registration, so these designations come from voters’ self-identification. And ‘independent’ doesn’t automatically mean moderate. But voters unaligned with both parties can flip elections, even in an emerging blue state like Virginia. Roughly a third of the electorate there identifies as independent.”

So perhaps we should all actually be paying attention to Politicalwire. Like a blind squirrel, they will occasionally stumble on an acorn of truth every so often. This appears to be one of those times when Goddard has to admit something I am sure he would prefer not to. 

The underlying reality here is even the most goofed up liberals are accepting the reality that the McAuliffe liberal ideas about our education, about CRT, and about wokeism in general are simply driving away independents and moderates at an incredible rate. The problem (of course) is that liberals are just too tied into that nonsense to do anything about it. 

Does anyone believe that liberals will abandon this line of attack? 

Just another part of the "big lie" apparently....

County sheriff in Wisconsin reveals evidence of felony election law violations
The sheriff's office received a complaint from a relative of a nursing home resident who died in October 2020. Despite suffering from severe cognitive decline prior to her passing, though, she still somehow managed to cast a vote via absentee ballot in the 2020 presidential election, according to state records.
The nursing home resident lived at the Ridgewood Care Facility. Following a complaint by the deceased resident's daughter, who found it suspicious that her mother was able to vote given her condition at the time, Racine County Sgt. Michael Luell launched an investigation.
Luell found that in 2020 there had been an unusual surge in voting activity at the care facility. Luell reported back that eight out of 42 families of residents at Ridgewood said their loved ones did not possess the cognitive ability to vote, despite having done so.

So a person who died in October was able to cast a mail in ballot for a November election, huh? Now if 20% of those who voted from this particular nursing home did not have the mental capacity to do so, that means someone was filling out the ballots "for them" and then turning them in. There is also no reason to believe that some of those who voted, did not fill out their own ballots even if they had had the mental capacity to do it themselves. That is also part of the scam.

After reports of this nursing home came in, dozens of other complaints from other homes have started trickling in. Seems that someone was going around these Wisconsin nursing homes, filling out and collecting ballots from people that were not only incapable of filling out their own ballot, but incapable of knowing that they were being used and scammed. 

This is actually felony voter fraud. But according to liberals it is no big thing. Nothing to see. The most secure election in our lifetime. This sort of evidence of felony election fraud is just more of the "big lie". 

A legitimate ISIS threat. When was the last time we heard this?

The fact that ISIS is in any position to pose a threat is because of Biden

So not only is this a problem nationally, but it comes at a bad time for Terry McAuliffe in Virgina. The last minute idea that ISIS is now a threat for the Virginia area has got to work against Biden and ultimately McAuliffe. In fact, if you were to come up with an 11th hour surprise that helped Youngkin, a terrorist threat that can be put back on Biden and his Afghanistan fiasco might have beem what you would have drawn up.

Bad news for Biden. Bad news for McAuliffe. Bad news for Virginia. Bad news for America.

The legality of this is questionable...

A sign of the times? I can pretty much promise you that critical race theory is not being taught in Mankato, so the complaints here are about the mask mandate in general. Mankato/North Mankato are southern Minnesota cities with a population somewhere between 50-75K. The cities provide the financial and market hub for a great deal of smaller farm towns and rural folks. The town is most famous for being the host of the Minnesota Vikings training camp, the home town of Billionaire multiple sports team owner Glenn Taylor, and being the home town of yours truly. This is one of these areas where a liberal school board is not going to go over very well and where that liberal school board will be outnumbered and voted out if they push too hard in that direction.

But the point here is about intimidation. Making someone provide their full address is designed to put a target on their backs. But with the amount of gun owners in Southern Minnesota, you would go to someone's house to take up issue with them at your own peril. Which is why this guy is more concerned with someone egging the house or otherwise vandalizing it. The act of cowards, which can be repeated as the act of liberals. 

Moreover, the idea that a public open forum that is not actually open to the public is idiocy. The concept that no parents are allowed to address anything other than what the board members want to discuss is also equally dumb. These school board members are obviously under stress at this point. But the way this is being handled is to quite literally attempt to prevent any open forum discussions during what are literally called open forum school board meetings. 

Friday, October 29, 2021

How stupid was this?

 The liberal Lincoln Project finally admits they staged this 

At first it was like, look at all those awful conservative Youngkin supporters being so openly racist. On cue, McAuliffe and others denounced Youngkin and his supporters for this horrible display. Then, people started wondering...

This looks all to perfectly staged. Turned out it was.

After just a couple of hours most of the people in the picture had been identified as liberal activist, and eventually the Lincoln project fessed up and admitted that they staged the event. Oddly, they somehow believe that staging a fake scene where they pretend to be racist conservatives in support of Youngkin (when there is no such group of racist conservatives in support of Youngkin) was a fine idea. 

They seem to stand behind what they did?

Without dishonesty and absolute hyperbole apparently liberals have no good arguments.

Apparently Dems wrong on most everything these days?

New Study Significantly Undermines Government Justification for Vaccine Mandates
People inoculated against Covid-19 are just as likely to spread the delta variant of the virus to contacts in their household as those who haven’t had shots, according to new research. In a yearlong study of 621 people in the U.K. with mild Covid-19, scientists found that their peak viral load was similar regardless of vaccination status, according to a paper published Thursday in The Lancet Infectious Diseases medical journal…
…“Our findings show that vaccination alone is not enough to prevent people from being infected with the delta variant and spreading it in household settings,” said Ajit Lalvani, a professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College London who co-led the study. “The ongoing transmission we are seeing between vaccinated people makes it essential for unvaccinated people to get vaccinated to protect themselves.

So this does not necessarily undermine the idea of getting the vaccine for your own protection. But the false claims that someone else's choice of vaccination status effects others seems to be rather unjustified. Apparently I can pass along the Delta variant as a fully vaccinated person as easily as someone who has not taken the shots. So while it might help me from not getting the virus, it doesn't help anyone else who is afraid I might pass the virus along.

This sort of explains to some degree why we are not seeing any real improvement in our Covid results. In fact, we are currently still doing worse than we were a year ago in both cases and deaths. This is likely due to our overly aggressive reliance on the vaccine being the silver bullet, with an even greater amount of aggression against any other forms of protection against the virus. We've quite literally gone all in on the idea that vaccines and paper masks are the ONLY manners to fight Covid and that any other suggestions need to be beaten down. 

When your only strategy is being proven not to work, and you refuse to consider anything else. Generally speaking you will not succeed.

Democrats having a problem looking like a competent group of leaders who should be running the country

When the best you can do is spin rumor and supposition into something positive, you have issues

Who is your favorite Democrat free polls

So what is happening in that Virginia governor race is indicative (I believe) in what is happening right now across the country. Instead of Democrats cruising to victory in a race that they should be up double digits in, they are having to scratch and claw to come up with positive spin to provide.

This morning, for instance, Democrats are ignoring the FOX News poll showing Youngkin pulling away and citing a Washington Post poll that still shows McAuliffe ahead by a point. Yes, a point! That is what they are excited about and spinning as good news. But a closer look at the poll shows something different. Something hidden in the details that Democrats seem to want to hide these days. 

The Washington Post poll top line was surprisingly similar to the results that they showed last month. This is surprising because most every other poll has shown significant movement. In fact, the Washington Post poll does show Youngkin with a massive improvement with Independent voters since the last poll and slight improvement for Youngkin in the other demographics  But that improvement didn't seem to matter to the top line. But alas, as it generally is, it comes down to the makeup of the sample. In their September poll, the breakdown was lower in Democrats and heavier in Independent voters. In the October poll, the number of Democrats was considerably higher and the number of Independents was considerably lower. They basically just surveyed more Democrats and less Independents and thus, kept their topline similar to where it had been. 

Now, obviously we do not know how Virginia will play out. There is early voting going on, which McAuliffe by all accounts holds an advantage with. But there is also suggestions out of both camps that his advantage is not what many expected it to be. Either way, this race is likely to be close and McAuliffe already has hired Marc Elias (a notable liberal election attorney) who no doubt is there to challenge the results if Youngkin pulls this off.  

Either way, this has been a struggle. Democrats should be cruising right now and it feels like everything they do is a trudge through 12 inches of wet mud. 

Well I am not sure about them being lies... but they are pretty much wrong statements and stupid opinions


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Why and how does 538 do this?

Using the most recent polls from 538 shows a lead for Youngkin - Nate Silver doesn't see it that way looking at his own list of polls.

Some how Nate Silver and gang always seem to find a manner to keep the Democrat either in the lead or in this case tied, even though the polling averages suggest something different.  Of course, this is consistent with the pattern of Nate Silver. He is wrong quite often when he shows a Democrat leading. He has yet to ever be wrong showing a Republican leading. So at this point Nate Silver is sticking to the guns that McAuliffe is still at least tied. I suspect over the weekend there will be a couple more obscure on-line polls showing McAuliffe ahead, and once again Nate Silver and 538 will show the former Governor favored to win. 

Obviously I think this is probably a tight race everything considered and it could still go either way. But sometimes polls are polls are polls are polls and you need to just add em up and average em out.

Is McAuliffe now losing a state that Biden won by double digits?

Fox News Poll: Youngkin pulls ahead of McAuliffe among Virginia likely voters
This race has become all about education, parents, and whether or not parents have the right to care about what their children are being taught or are domestic terrorists because they won't walk lock-step with the woke agenda the teachers unions are trying to push on children. 

Is McAuliffe really in this much trouble? If recent polling is any indication there is literally no momentum in his favor and it looks like Youngkin is pulling ahead. Some will scoff at this as a "FOX News poll" but anyone who has followed polling in the past few years understands that FOX News polls are some of the most biased out there... in favor of Democrats. 

Not ready to declare Youngkin the winner quite yet, but he might be considered a favorite at this point in time. 

Pelosi could possibly pass the infrastructure bill with help of the GOP

Boy wouldn't that just piss off the progressives? 

Pelosi demanded for the upteenth time today that a vote was coming on the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has already passed the Senate. From the looks of things, she has lost the support of the progressives (at least in terms of passing the bill today). But it also sounds like there are somewhere between 6-12 Republicans in the House that would be willing to vote for the bill.

That would then pass the bipartisan bill that upsets very few and would leave little or no leverage for the progressives as it pertains to the larger reconciliation spending fiasco. The question is whether or not Pelosi woud have the nerve to undercut the progressives for the sake of getting a so called "win". 

Will Progressives finally fall to their knees and kiss some delicious moderate ass!

Pelosi pushes for vote on the infrastructure bill again. Bernie tells progressives to vote it down!

All wondering what Sinema and Manchin's butts smell like

The pitch by Pelosi seems to be... don't worry about principles, how any of this affects the country, just pass a bill so dementia Joe is not embarrassed.  Well with the GDP at 2.0% and the clown show that has been these negotiations, I am guessing embarrassment has had the last laugh there, regardless of what else has happened.

Of course, this is like the third or fourth time that Pelosi has called for a vote on the infrastructure bill and has ended up pulling it at the last second. We will see if she follows through with this today. But make no mistake, we should not be making trillion dollar decisions in the country to save some politician's face. That is just nonsensical.