Thursday, March 31, 2022

I can’t argue with your conclusions.

Head of U.S. European Command Admits Biden's Plan to Stop Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Was Worthless
During questioning from Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher, Wolters said he was part of the effort to deter Russia, as well. Gallagher asked, as transcribed by WE: “Would it be fair to say that deterrence failed in Ukraine?” 
I can’t argue with your conclusions.
Wolters began to give a typical non-answer to Gallagher’s question: “Number one, I would say that NATO’s solidarity remained” — prompting the lawmaker to cut him off and demand a direct answer. Amazing stuff; made even more amazing by Wolters’s admission:
I can’t argue with your conclusions.
Of course, these are the same people who claimed prior to all of this that aggressive sanctions were meant to deter Putin when it came to their argument "for" these sanctions. But when they didn't work, they all backed off and stated deterrence was never the intention. 

Like everything else over the past year or so, this Administration had no plan. Nothing at all planned that could have possibly prevented this. They may or may not have even considered something that would have prevented it, but they (once again) seem to have been caught flat footed. None of this would have happened had we had more competent leadership.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Too little too late...

FINALLY: Finding Holds DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign Accountable for Dossier Hoax
The election agency said that Clinton and the DNC violated strict rules on describing expenditures of payments funneled to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS through their law firm.
A combined $1,024,407.97 was paid by the treasurers of the DNC and Clinton campaign to law firm Perkins Coie for Fusion GPS’s information, and the party and campaign hid the reason, claiming it was for legal services, not opposition research.
Instead, the DNC’s $849,407.97 and the Clinton campaign’s $175,000 covered Fusion GPS’s opposition research on the dossier, a basis for the so-called “Russia hoax” that dogged Trump’s first term.

Remember when the TDS inflicted people demanded that Trump committed campaign finance laws over Stormy Daniels and other random things they didn't like? Well guess what? It turns out that just like it was Hillary Clinton (not Trump) who colluded with Russians in 2016, it was Hillary Clinton (not Trump) who broke the law regarding campaign finances.

Btw... before you get too excited about. The combined fines were a grand whopping total of $113,000. The idea that Trump would have been frogmarched out of the White House and sent to jail was always a joke. But it is the sort of thing that people with TDS get in their head when it comes to the bad orange man. He did something wrong and must go to jail?

Trump still leads all comers

Poll: Trump leads Biden, Harris in 2024 match-ups
Former President Trump is leading President Biden in a hypothetical 2024 match-up, according to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released exclusively to The Hill on Monday.
If the 2024 presidential election were held right now, the poll finds Trump getting 47 percent support compared to 41 percent for Biden. Twelve percent of voters are undecided.
Vice President Harris performs even worse in a hypothetical match-up with Trump. Forty-nine percent said they would choose Trump, while 38 percent said they would support Harris.

What is even more amusing is that Trump is currently the only politician from either Party that has a positive favorability rating, sitting at 48 favorable to 44 unfavorable. Biden (-12) and Harris (-13) are both underwater by double digits. Apparently being a "war time President" has not led to any better approvals for the dementia patient in chief. 

Meanwhile, while the left is trying to figure out a way to get Trump arrested, the general public is finding it in their hearts to reengaged the idea of the ex-President becoming the President again. Apparently the all the attacks are simply backfiring.  As some of us have always knew they would. Around 60% of Republicans still back Trump as the nominee... and why wouldn't they? He is the best chance to dethrone Biden.

FBI claims they lost Hunter Biden laptop?

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

About that judges ruling which stated Trump more likely than not committed a crime?

There is probably a pretty good reason why no other judge had floated this idea 

To put this into some form of context, the issue at hand had nothing to do with whether or not Trump should or should not be charged with a crime. The issues was about whether or not the bone dry old Jan 6th committee had the right to more documentation to add to the forty seven tons of documents that they already subpoenaed from everyone and their brother. 

For the judge to authorize the continuance of this fiasco, some sort of crime had to pretty much be involved. Without the pretense of a crime, there would be no subpoena granted. This is a similar sort of logic that is used to garner any sort of search warrant or subpoena. Some "probable cause" that a crime has been committed. Had the judge determined differently then the committee would have been out of luck.

As far as the smoking gun claim that Trump committed a crime. That was based on a draft memo that was written (but never executed) suggesting that Mike Pence should reject the electors from a handful of contested states. This is not a bombshell, a smoking gun, or even anything particularly new. This is just a single judge coming down on the minority side of the legal analysis arguments as to whether or not what was done was "criminal". 

What is probably most telling about this is the lack of immediate responses from most legal analysts. Apparently it was not serious enough to even provide an opinion about. But the reality is that once again the legal left are apparently wanting Trump to be charged with an obstruction of justice that never happened. Much like they felt there was some sort of "intent" to obstruct justice in the Mueller probe in spite of the fact that he fully cooperated in every aspect of the law. The argument (in both cases) is that just because (congress or Mueller)  wasn't obstructed, doesn't mean that Trump shouldn't be charged with a crime for having some thought about possibly doing something. 

The reality here is that the draft memo was internal. The suggestion was never implemented. Moreover, there is still a disagreement about what legal standing Mike Pence did or did not have in that situation. 

But whether or not Mike Pence did or did not have constitutional authority to reject ballots would never had been a "criminal" question, but a constitutional question. Had he rejected the electors from the disputed states, had they gone to court, and had the USSC eventually sided against Pence, that does not mean that he would have committed a crime and be sent to jail. No more than Barack Obama or any other President goes to jail when the court finds an executive action unconstitutional.  His actions would have been overruled, not criminalized.

So given there is no chance that Mike Pence would have committed a "crime" if he exercised authority that the courts hypothetically argued that he did not have, there can be no chance that someone would have been aiding and abetting a criminal action for suggesting it. 

But more oddly, the argument isn't that Trump was trying to aid and abet Pence, but that Trump was the only person committing the crime. Again, apparently the fact that Trump believed that Pence had that authority is somehow now considered "the crime" here. This argument also requires the hypothetical idea that we already know how the courts would have ruled (when we don't) and that being wrong about that case would be criminal. The implication of this sort of ruling (if serious) would be staggering to say the least.  

This is quite literally a suggestion of a crime that goes looking for an action to justify the allegation. More to the point, this ruling was merely an excuse to allow the Jan 6th committee to continue their nonsense.

Russia claims it is deescalating in Ukraine to help foster a peace agreement?

Yet shelling continues in many cities across Ukraine

Are the Russians just pulling back in areas that they are being forced back or are they actually reducing their troop presence in a real sense?  Time will tell what Russia ends up doing. They have made promises previously in this war and basically ignored them. More to the point, the ground forces around places like Kiev have not been the threat. It's been the missile attacks from afar that is causing all the devastation. 

This would be a little like Mike Tyson promising not to hit his opponent with any more left jabs, while still allowing himself the ability to throw the right hook and cross. He only threw three jabs the entire fight and the hooks and crosses are what will knock out an opponent. Putin would be providing way more assurances in promising a scale back of long distance attacks rather than a promise to move some troops around.

Call me skeptical of the latest "new sign" of a deal just around the corner. I hope it is true. After all, the Ukrainians suggested just yesterday that half their children in the county have been displaced from their homes and many have had to flee the country. The amount of death and destruction will never go down, just continue to add up every day this war continues. 

But this seems a bit more like a song and dance from a guy who is not getting the results he has hoped for and seems to be using anything and everything in his means to confuse and distract his adversaries. Nothing ever seems honest or straight forward with Putin and Russia. There always seems to be something sneaky up his sleeve, and honestly... who could trust that smirk?

Monday, March 28, 2022

Is Russia really losing and Ukraine really winning?

What does this mean in the broader perspective?

  • 17,000 out of 1,350,000 total military personnel (1.2%)
  • 123 out of 2086 planes (5.9%)
  • 127 out of  2087 helicopters (6.1%)
  • 586  our 12,420 tanks (4.7%)
  • 302 out of  14,145 artillery pieces (2.1%)
  • 1694 out of 30,122 armored vehicles (5.6%)
  • 7 out of 605 boats (1.1%)
So while these still seem like fairly staggering losses from what we have expected in modern warfare, the reality is that the loss of military personnel and equipment is probably doing not much more than putting a fairly deep scratch in the surface of the Russian resources. Not to mention that we do not know that these numbers are accurate. These are the number being suggested by Ukraine. The Russians are claiming that they have lost a fraction of this. 

The problem with a long drawn out war is that the Russians have the ability to replenish as they go. The original hope that Russia was going to run out of equipment, ammo, gas, and food within a week or two have not come true. To be honest, that appeared to be more wishful thinking that an actual military prediction. While we hear stories of poor supply lines and such, the reality is that both sides are now "holding their ground" for the most part. This is becoming a war of attrition. 

While everyone talks about Russian supply line problems, nobody is considering the problems that the Ukrainians have. In some cities people are lining up for limited amounts of food and medicine, and there is nothing coming in or out. Plus, we are not just talking about Ukrainian soldiers here, for the most part we are talking average citizens who are needlessly suffering from this. 

It's likely that Russia has had to make adjustments to their original plans. They seem more interested in consolidating their positions in the areas (mainly the southeast) that they are looking to annex while not advancing (or even losing ground) up around Kiev and in the outskirts of some other larger cities.  There are several places where they are either being pushed back or falling back depending on which side you believe. 

So instead of attempting to advance their positions anywhere other than in the Southeast, they are hitting munitions storage facilities, Ukrainian supply lines, and other strategic areas. They obviously do not seem to mind hitting a hospital or school if they can declare that they believed Ukrainian troops were secretly being harbored there. This is a brutal assault that seems unaffected by any moral or ethical concepts. In war, having no moral or ethical compass can be a benefit. 

The gaffe fallout continues

Is that a threat? It sounds like a threat.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday that a remark made by President Joe Biden over the weekend about Vladimir Putin, in which Biden said "for God's sake, this man cannot remain in power," is a "statement that is certainly alarming," Reuters reports. "We will continue to track the statements of the U.S. president in the most attentive way," Peskov said.

So what exactly is the point of "doing nothing" that might rattle the cages of the Russians, while being bound and determined to say stuff that will rattle the cages with the Russians? At least if you were doing something tangible, you would be helping Ukraine. which last time I checked it the point to all of this? 

But by just mouthing off, you still rattling the cages without actually providing any assistance at all for Ukraine. In fact, such rhetoric (without anything standing behind it) is likely pretty harmful to the entire affair for a variety of reasons, most of them quite obvious.  

Like it or not, Russia does have the largest or second largest stockpile of nuclear weapons (depending on your definition of arsenal) at it's disposal and there are people who believe that Putin thinks he can win that sort of a war. 

You are not going to trigger nuclear war by just pushing Russia down a few pegs in Ukraine. There are plenty of ways to allow Putin an out to save face and keep himself legitimate if it comes to that. But the one thing Putin will not do is go quietly into the night because foreign leaders are requesting him to. Putin may just be crazy enough to go scorched earth before he ever allows  himself to be taken out of power.

Well that was interesting?

Didn't watch this live or anything. I had better things to do, like hang out in a Turkish prison, but this would have actually been worthwhile to see live!

One might believe this was staged, but it certainly did not look that way. Obviously Will Smith lost it and technically physically assaulted Chris Rock. Doubt seriously that charges will be filed for what appears to have been a "slap".  But apparently Smith and Rock are not buddies and have been "feuding" for several years.  Oh, and last time I checked comedians do not need "permission" to tell jokes about celebrities. The whole "he didn't have my permission" is nonsense.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Zelensky factually and correctly points out that speeches do not help in any manner shape or form without action to back them up

Brain dead liberals compare Biden to Reagan? Pretty sure nobody in the Reagan administration "walked back" the tear down that wall moment

Just paid over $70 to fill up my Porsche 911 Carrera ... enough said

US consumer sentiment fell again amid rising rates, war and inflation
Consumer sentiment slumped again in March, hitting its lowest level since August 2011, the University of Michigan reported Friday. High inflation, volatile oil prices, geopolitical unrest and now rising interest rates, have left consumers with a bitter taste about the state of the US economy. The March index was revised down to 59.4 from a preliminary reading of 59.7 released two weeks ago, when rising prices and the Russia-Ukraine conflict were already spurring unease among consumers. In March 2021, the consumer sentiment index was 84.9.
Consumers are battling the highest inflation since 1982 and with it, a barrage of rising costs: Mortgage rates increased again this week, bringing the traditional 30-year fixed rate to 4.42%, adding an average of $300 a month for homebuyers. Gas prices are still at record highs in parts of the country, and the latest Consumer Price Index showed most essential goods are up by 7.9% year on year.

It's hard that when you go to the store things are still missing and the things that are there are more expensive. You almost need a loan to fill up your gas tank. Here in Seattle the cost of rent has increased 30% over the past 6 months or so. We are routinely looking at houses in our neighborhood selling for two and half times what my wife bought this house for.  Even a 4% raise at work turns out to be a pay decrease when you factor inflation into the equation. 

The solution to inflation seems to be to raise rates, which will then increase everyone's credit card bills and payments, and make things harder to buy, likely pushing the GDP down and possibly even push us into a recession. Imagine how many people believe we are in a recession already? How will they feel it we actually end up in one?

Sunday Funnies

Early Sunday Funnies

Making a little fun of Brown Jackson 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Even CNN is convinced that Biden botched his visit in a major manner...

Biden says Putin 'cannot remain in power'
At the end of his address from Warsaw, capping off his trip, Biden made a major declaration that quickly sent shock waves across Europe and through the White House press office. "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power," Biden announced at the very conclusion of a capstone address delivered outside the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
A White House official said Biden wasn't referencing regime change when he said Putin "cannot remain in power.The President's point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin's power in Russia, or regime change," a White House official said.
White House forced to clean up multiple other Biden comments that raised eyebrows
On Thursday, during a news conference in Brussels, Biden said the United States would respond "in kind" if Russia used chemical weapons in Ukraine. When asked by a reporter on Friday if that meant the US would use chem cal weapons on Russia, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States had "no intention of using chemical weapons period -- under any circumstance."
"The average citizen, look at how they're stepping up. And you're going to see when you're there, I don't know if you've been there, you're going to see women, young people, standing in the middle of the damn tank, saying 'I'm not leaving. I'm holding my ground'," Biden said. A White House spokesperson responded to the comment, saying, "The President has been clear we are not sending U.S. troops to Ukraine and there is no change in that position."

It's pretty sad when your President cannot be trusted to say what he means or mean what he says. It's one thing to have a verbal slip up every once in a while in off the cuff situations, but it's another when they come during a major speech. Was what he said an ad lib moment for Biden, or did someone actually put that in his speech?

At the end of the day the President has suggested that Vladimir Putin should be overthrown in Russia, that we will use chemical weapons against Russia if they use them first, and that our troops stationed in Poland will be heading off to Ukraine. If he didn't "mean" any of this, then perhaps we need someone a little brighter to carry our message. If he meant this and people around him are having to contradict him, then we need someone a little brighter to make these decisions. 

The Ukrainian bravery comes from the United States according to Joe Biden?

Slow Joe says Ukrainians take inspiration from "us" 

“The Ukrainian people, Ukrainian people have a lot of backbone, they have a lot of guts. And I’m sure you’re observing it. And I don’t mean just the military which is, we’ve been training since back when they uh, Russia moved into the southeast, southeast um, Ukraine. But also the average citizen. Look at how they’re stepping up. Look at how they’re stepping up. And you’re gonna see when you’re there, and some of you have been there, you’re gonna see, you’re gonna see women, young people standing, standing in the middle, in front of damn tank just, just saying, “I’m not leaving, I’m holding my ground.” They’re incredible. But they take a lot of inspiration from us. And you know, woman who just died, the secretary of State used to have an expression, she said, “we are the essential nation.” It sounds like a bit of uh, hyperbole but the truth of the matter is you are the organizational principle around which the rest of the world, the free world is moving.”
I mean seriously? While Joe is smirking like a child in a candy store on his way to talk to world leaders like it's a party, nearly 30% of the Ukrainian people have been displaced from their homes. These leaders meet, more Ukrainians die, they meet  some more, more Ukrainians flee, they meet again, more Ukrainians die,  and then they meet again, and Ukrainians flee. They meet, meet, discuss, discuss while billions of dollars in destruction is happening, thousands are dead, and millions are being forced from their homes.

But Joe has a plan. He will meet with world leaders again! Then Idiot liberals will cheer like it's the end of a Rocky movie. Hooray! Look! Joe is meeting with other people again! They are talking! 

"flying high now" 

So it would be one thing to simply believe that this is a plan that will work. Maybe the moron in chief truly believes that one of these times Putin will stop and go "oh no" some leaders are "meeting" - I better stop killing Ukrainians? But it's entirely another to believe that these actions are what is "inspiring" Ukrainians to hold their ground. Actually believing that the Ukrainians are thinking about the brave American soldiers watching this on television a few hundred miles away... saying to themselves, if they can be brave and watch this on television, I can face the bullets and bombs! My those Americans are an inspiration to me!

This man is both delusional and stupid.

Mirror mirror on the wall...
who's the most favorable of them all?

Trump: Favorable/Unfavorable

RCP Average1/14 - 3/22--44.850.9-6.1

Biden: Favorable/Unfavorable

RCP Average1/14 - 3/22--43.152.3-9.2

Kamala Harris: Favorable/Unfavorable

RCP Average12/17 - 3/22--37.251.0-13.8

Chuck Schumer: Favorable/Unfavorable

RCP Average2/23 - 3/22--29.046.0-17.0

Kevin McCarthy: Favorable/Unfavorable

RCP Average11/16 - 3/22--22.742.0-19.3

Nancy Pelosi: Favorable/Unfavorable

RCP Average2/3 - 3/22--35.056.0-21.0

Mitch McConnell: Favorable/Unfavorable

RCP Average2/19 - 3/22--24.058.0-34.0

Friday, March 25, 2022

Russian bringing in troop reinforcements from Georgia

This is being spun one way, but reality still might tell a different story

The buzz is that Putin has called for Georgia to provide troop reinforcements as Russian casualties start to add up. This, suggests many, shows that Ukraine is obviously winning the war and Russia is obviously losing. Why else would they "need" to call for reinforcements?

This is a valid question and there is a valid argument to be made that Russia would not be calling for reinforcements if everything on the ground was going as planned. However, the fact of the matter is Russia has reinforcements to bring in. The Ukrainians do not.

If war was strictly a game of numbers, consider this. The believed number of Russian forces who have been killed or injured (and likely out of service) is thought to be in the 10-15 thousand range. Whereas the Ukrainian causalities are thought to be less than half that. But consider if the Ukrainians successfully knocked out 15,000 Russian Troops and Putin is able to call on Georgia to replace those 15,000 troops then what did the Ukrainians really gain? 

The reality is that as long as Putin can keep bringing in mercenaries from Syria, troops from Belarus, or troops from Georgia, and he still has a million or so trained soldiers in Russia who are either active or reserve... they will not be defeated by 15,000 troops being killed. They may arguably have "more" troops right now in Ukraine than they did when they first crossed the border. 

So rather than think about how many troops have been killed on either side, the reality is that we should all be concerned with how many troops each side has left.

Headed for slow down?

Recession risks are 'uncomfortably high and moving higher,' Mark Zandi says
The war in Ukraine. Red-hot inflation. And rapid interest rate hikes. The economic recovery that began two years ago faces credible threats that could lead to its premature demise. The US economy has at least a one-in-three chance of sinking into a recession over the next 12 months, Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi told CNN. "Recession risks are uncomfortably high -- and moving higher," Zandi said. Before Russia invaded Ukraine, economists hoped energy prices and overall inflation would cool off this spring and summer. Now, the inflation outlook has darkened, with prices for gasoline, food, metals and other raw materials rising sharply.

"It's reasonable to be nervous here," Zandi said. "The Russian invasion and the spike in oil and commodity prices really changed things." Goldman Sachs economists said earlier this month the chance of a recession in the United States over the next year has climbed to as high as 35%.

Now 35% is still less than a coin flip. But the issue isn't there is a 35% chance we have a recession (literal reduction in GDP growth in consecutive quarter) and a 65% we have a glowing economy. The issue is that we are looking at a slow down one way or the other, with the odds being about one in three that it drops far enough to be considered a technical recession.

That being said, we have people in this country today who believe we are currently in a recession even as the GDP is doing pretty well. So if things get worse over the next few months, the number or Americans who will say we are in a recession will grow and likely be much larger than those who literally understand what a recession is and how it is defined.

Either way, any talk of a recession is going to further erode support for "the big guy" in the White House. He is currently at a minus 12 and barely over 41%. That does not bode well for midterms and if the economy tanks over the summer... many democrats can bend over and kiss their own arses goodbye. 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

A Majority believes Biden is failing to do enough in Ukraine...

AP-NORC poll: More support for Ukraine, concern about Russia
A majority of Americans — 56% — think Biden hasn't been tough enough on Russia, according to the poll. Another 36% said his approach has been “about right.”
Speaking after the release of the earlier AP-NORC poll, White House press secretary Jen Psaki noted that Americans may have different meanings of what is a “major role” or “minor role” in the conflict. “We make national security decisions based on what’s best for our country’s national security, not on the latest polling,” Psaki said.

So yes... the American public is not really sour on Joe Biden's response, the American public is just too confused to understand what they are thinking here. Better leave our own thinking up to Biden and his media side-kick Jen Psaki.  They apparently understand us better than we do.

There has been about a dozen polls on this very subject and all but one has shown that at least a plurality (and most of the time a clear majority) want us to be doing more to help the Ukrainians. Overall there has been no "bump" in Biden's approvals which is very unusual for any "war time President". Even if we are not personally at war, these sorts of conflicts generally pull Americans together (and I think it has to some degree). They also tend to raise the level of approval for our leadership. This has not happened here.

Looks like he thinks he is somewhere happy and celebratory?

They told him if he was a good boy that there would be ice cream!
If the world is expecting Joe Biden to move forward with his ideas about how to fix this crisis, they may be waiting for a long time. I am guessing he would likely just blame it on the unvaccinated and demand that Ukraine look for a Black Female to be the head General in the Ukrainian Army.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

1,000,951 deaths from Covid...

 Glad Covid is over, so no need to discuss it anymore!

Remember... nobody responsible for 220,00 deaths should still be President
At least not according to President Biden?

Bottom line - Democrats are the side gerrymandering and for the most part getting away with it

Supreme Court Decision on Redistricting Leaves Democrats Reeling The sad truth is that in areas of the country where liberals control everything, there is aggressive gerrymandering to the point where in places like New York and California there will be almost no Republican representation. Whereas new maps being drawn in GOP states have been muted and in some cases challenged by state courts. In one state, the courts have rejected three different maps, holding out for a Republican state with a Republican Governor that has turned more Republican to draw a map that adds more Democratic seats.

So the fact that the USSC actually overruled the Wisconsin State Court on this one is a big win, and a sign that they could win other cases that are eventually brought before the top court. At the end of the day most of these state laws leave this stuff to the Legislation (and Judges are only supposed to get involved if there is real constitutional issues involved). The Wisconsin State Court was demanding that the maps drawn by the legislator was in violation of the Voting Rights Act (which seems to be invoked every time a map is drawn that liberals do not like). The USSC basically drew the opposite conclusion with only two Justices dissenting. 

Why America could be a secondary country in a few years...

Majority believes public schools on wrong track: poll
Nearly 2 in 3 voters, including broad majorities across racial, educational and economic lines, believe public schools in the United States are headed off on the wrong track, a new poll shows. Just 24 percent of Americans said that when they think about what children are being taught in public school, they believe schools are headed in the right direction, according to the survey conducted for Grinnell College by the Des Moines-based polling firm Selzer & Co.
The largest gap is among partisans: 83 percent of Republicans polled, and 87 percent of respondents who voted for former President Trump, said schools are headed in the wrong direction. Just 44 percent of Democrats in the poll — still a plurality — and 42 percent of respondents who backed President Biden said the same.
Americans are divided over whether they trust schools to teach about racism. Just 49 percent of those surveyed said they trust schools in their district to teach about racism, including 43 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of Democrats. But 50 percent of Republicans polled, and 38 percent of Democrats, do not trust schools to teach about racism; the share of non-white respondents who trust schools to get it right is lower, 48 percent, than the share of whites, 52 percent.
Selzer pointed to the contrast between the majority that approves of schools teaching respect for people of all races and the deeper schism over whether people trust schools to teach about racism itself as a telling divide. “It isn’t a white supremacist thing, if I could be so bold,” Selzer said. “It is about teaching about racism. That word now has been weaponized. Race, no problem with race. Racism, that’s a call to arms.”

The biggest problem here is that your teachers and teachers unions and even some school boards have very little interest in listening to what Parents are saying. This is prompting (and will continue to prompt) actual laws determining what and how teachers are allowed to teach. 

Make no mistake, the changes here are not coming from parents who are suddenly uptight about their children being taught the basics. These are changes in how our public education has turned political and determined that wokeness need to be indoctrinated. 

Rather than teach what our children need to be taught in order to make in a new global economy, our teachers would rather provide them with opinions and rhetoric about their favorite political topics and pass it off as needed education. 

While children in China, India, and other emerging economies are being taught calculus, physics, and computer coding our children are being taught about racism, transgenderism, and being passed to the next grade without being taught the fundamentals for that particular level. Children in the US are graduating when barely a sixth grade education and then expected to compete with the rest of the world. When questioned about this... well, it's about how it is unfair for students of certain color or certain social status to do the same work as students of other colors or other social statuses. We don't want to make them feel bad, so they get a diploma without learning. 

It went from everyone gets a trophy to everyone makes the honor roll and gets a diploma. 

What is interesting is the push back from educators when they are questioned and criticized. They quite literally seem to have no interest in what anyone else has to say and they appear to have no interest in teaching the subjects that are necessary. They are the educators and they know best about what it is that these children need to be taught.  But at the end of the day, they need to hide things and misrepresent everything in hopes they can find a way to justify things. Honesty is not an option. Honesty is their implication. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

When Democrats complain about Republican behavior at the USSC hearings...

Remember this:

The Democrats brought forward a women from Kavanaugh's hometown to claim she was raped back in high school, at a party she could not identify, at a house that did not exists according to her claims, attended by people who denied ever being at any such party.  Oh... and this was something she never told anyone, ever, until long after Kavanaugh ended up as a well known Judge on the short list of a potential USSC nomination.  

But... now that the shoe is on the other foot, A Republican is stepping over the line by asking Jackson about her actual rulings... you know because of  racism or something. 

Hard to argue this isn't a Biden Administration problem

Not happening elsewhere and didn't happen under Trump

Liberals love to pass off the inflation blame to things out of the Administration's control or otherwise just want to blame Trump (without providing any reasonable explanation as to why). The reality here is that inflation jumped within a few months after Biden took office and we are not just seeing higher inflation than we had under Trump, but we are seeing higher inflation than any other country. 

It's not Covid since we had a year of Covid under Trump and Covid is everywhere. It is not Putin, since we have had inflation problems long before Russia invaded Ukraine. While it might be a global problem on a smaller scale, we stand out as leaders (in a bad way). 

Even before Biden took office, critics suggested that the policies he was promising would lead to uncontrollable inflation. These critics turned out to be 100% correct. Policies regarding rent moratoriums, regarding restrictions on oil and gas, unresolved problems with our supply chains, and other issues may not be the sole reason for inflation, but it is the sole reason why we have the worst inflation in the world.

Monday, March 21, 2022

998,083 Covid deaths in the United States...

Still seeing almost 800 people per day dead...

With Russia/Ukraine war, $5.00/gallon gas prices, and an inability to find basic necessities at the grocery store leading the headlines, we have apparently forgotten that people are still dying left and right from Covid. At the current pace, WordoMeter will have put the United States over the one million dead mark by the Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Apparently President "Stop Covid in it's tracks" was really President "let a ton of people die, but work hard to change the subject". 

Ten million Ukrainians displaced or have left the country...

That is a quarter of the Ukrainian population 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said on Sunday that 10 million people have either been displaced from their home in Ukraine, or have left the country. Over 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an invasion into the country...

So 3.5 million have fled the country and another 6.5 million have had to flee their homes and take shelter elsewhere within Ukraine. That, boys and girls, is the equivalent of 85 million Americans having to leave their homes because of a foreign invasion. 

Think about that for a minute or two and then try to defend the position that there is no need to risk anything to help them more because Ukraine is already winning the war.  Apparently they got the Russians right where they want them and these people just want to get out of the way and let their military take over.

Hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson start today...

Arguably one of the least qualified candidates for the USSC in decades

But she is a black women which was all that mattered here


Sunday, March 20, 2022

So here is a question I have been pondering...

Were they lying or just flat out wrong?

So it would be obvious to pretty much any thinking adult that Hunter Biden did not have any qualifications to sit on a board of directors for a Ukrainian energy company. He had no experience in the industry and know particular knowledge of that area of the world. The only thing he had going for him was that the Vice President of the United States was his father, and that part of his father's job was being the liaison between the US an Ukrainian governments. 

So the concept that Hunter Biden would be attempting to use his father's influence to help Burisma should have been a foregone conclusion. There literally would have been no other reason for Burisma to have hired Hunter Biden. No reason to hire him if they did not believe that he could swing favor with his father. He literally offered them no other service. 

So when it became apparent that there was email evidence and other documentation surrounding Hunter peddling his father's influence, why would anyone demand it be false? Why would anyone suggest that it should not even be investigated? What logical reasoning did they have here?

Imagine this scenario
  • Person A openly threatening to kill person B. 
  • Then person B ends up dead in the exact fashion person A threatened. 
  • Then evidence was found linking person A to the murder of person B.
Then certain people demand that that evidence must be fake and planted and that the very idea of exposing it, talking about it, or even suggesting it exists should be censored and punished. 

As ludicrous as that sounds, this is exactly what happened in the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco. We had every reason to believe that Hunter Biden was providing access to his dad in exchange for a cushy board of directors gig. We had apparent favors wielded that benefited Burisma. Then we find evidence on a Biden laptop that confirms all of this? But according to these people, that was fake evidence and the mere suggestion that it might be true should be censored and those who believe it should face serious consequences. 


Are these people so full of hatred for the bad orange man and so obsessed with their own conspiracy theories regarding Russia, that they actually believed that this evidence was Russian disinformation? That somehow the Russians got to some computer laptop repair shop and planted this? Are they really that far down their own rabbit hole that they managed to convince themselves of the implausible while unable to see the obvious?

Or were they just lying through their teeth to help Joe Biden take out the "bad orange man"?